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Do It Yourself Landscaping is a design concept that was developed and trademarked in 1986 by Marilu Wickre. She became interested in horticulture and landscape design in her early years and went on to study under the tutelage of the respected Seattle horticulturist, Toke Toyoshima. After five years of working with this master of Japanese horticulture, Marilu went on to establish her own maintenance business then further her academic education and design skills. Since graduating with a landscape design degree she has pursued various certifications including a lifetime accreditation as a Washington State Certified Nurseryman.

Marilu has very successfully followed in her mentors footsteps to develop a unique way of integrating indigenous plants from the Northwest with the modern style of today’s life. The hands on training in pruning and planting gave her the ability to know the eventual sizes and correct placement of plants. Your yard will not become overgrown in a few years but last a lifetime,as it should. Just one more way her designs can save you money and time.
Her design concepts can mesh well with yours whether you are looking for the serene getaway from the hectic pace of a full-time job to a fun-filled children’s garden, a pet friendly yard, an organic raised-bed vegetable garden, or a romantic cosmopolitan setting.
Perennial interplanting adds colorDSCN3186.JPG
​ ​​Worm castings,organic fertilizer