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​Raised beds are great for kids
​Play areas are fun

Kid and Dog Friendly Landscaping
You can have a yard that both kids and dogs can play in without being told to be careful. It all comes down to plant selection and placement.  Things we will consider are having a comfy mulch, pathways, border control, gentle hardscape, marking posts, sensible plants (flex without braking; nontoxic), shade and shelter, changeable water source (keep it clean).
Some furry friends we may not want or at least not have them eat your plants. Plants that are deer resistant are a must in sBirds are a wonderfull site and sound in the yard. Seed and suit feeders are always a draw. Also bird baths and houses add a nice touch and encourage their presence. Raccoons and squirrels can be a problem but with water motion sensors and hot wires we can keep them at bay without harm.
Children need to play outside so having a climber or open area for them is a must. Introducing your children to plants and growing things will open their imagination and stay with them a lifetime.